nimbus Lighting redesigned

The lighting concept of UMAR was developed in cooperation with Nimbus Group GmbH. The main light source are ceiling lights, which are installed in the main rooms following the grid of the suspended ceiling. Lamps can be installed at all grid points, so that the lighting configuration can be easily adapted to different user requirements.

The LED ceiling light itself is a custom order and consists of an aluminum housing and a diffuser surface made of polycarbonate. Head and arm can be flexibly aligned so that the lighting can react to different situations. All aluminum surfaces have been brushed, with no further treatments needed.

In addition to the fixed ceiling lights, the unit is also equipped with mobile lights. These include the wall lights „Winglet CL“, which illuminate the floor area in the entrance area. These are equipped with motion and brightness sensors, so that the operation of a switch is not necessary.

The lighting concept is complemented by the compact „Fly“ the „Roxxane Leggera CL“ floor lamps. Both lights are versatile and can be operated via gesture control. The selection and processing of the materials corresponds to the ceiling lights.